My Horses

– Taylor

Taylor (Newlands Farm Mr Taylor) is my young horse and has been my partner since April 2015. He is a TB x New Forest dark bay gelding born in 2012. He is inately left brained and very smart, confident and playful and I chose him for these attributes. I started him in the summer 2015 and turned him away for the winter, ready to re-start in Spring 2016. He has already done a couple of demos and taken them all in his stride! My aim is to give him a solid foundation using natural horsemship before playing with any particular disciplines. He enjoys hacks through open country and negociating natural obstables so Le Trec may be his forte!



– Velvet

Velvet was my first horse and has been my partner since 1997 and he has a very special place in my heart. He’s an amazing horse who has, and continues to teach me a lot about myself. Velvet is a black, 15.1hh Welsh cob X gelding and innately left brain extrovert, but had learnt to be scared around humans.

When I first met Velvet he was exhibiting typical right brain introvert tendencies, generally quiet and obedient, with sudden explosions of napping and rearing. For several years our relationship improved slowly and he excelled at dressage (little did I realize it was because he felt safe between the dressage boards). Jumping was very haphazard, with many refusals and eliminations and hacking was still a little unpredictable, but as we were winning dressage competitions I thought every thing was going well…

When I started studying the Parelli programme I had a lot of humble pie to eat, and I realized that any problems we had experienced were due to our relationship, rather than a lack of training. I also realized that I was trying to specialize in a discipline before establishing a good foundation, which is why the cracks were showing. When I started to put the relationship first and took time to understand things from his point of view, from the view of a horse- a prey animal, we have been able to achieve things I never thought were possible.

Velvet is the first horse I took through the Parelli Levels Programme and was a brilliant and patient teacher for me.  In the last few years he has helped my friend achieve her Level 3, and helped another friend develop her feel for Finesse, practising the principle number 7, ‘Horses teach humans and humans teach horses’.

Velvet is enjoying a well earned retirement, living as part of the herd.

– Bertie

Whilst Bertie is no longer with me having been put to sleep in Feb 2015, he was such an important part of my horsemanship journey I feel he deserves to be mentioned here………..

I bought Bertie, or Dagobert to give him his full name, in 2004 as a yearling due to my interest in dressage. He was a pure-bred Hanoverian and for those of you interested in breeding, Bertie’s sire was De Niro and his grandsire, Donnerhall.
At approximately 17.3hh he was a gentle giant with an innately right brained Horsenality. With his Parelli foundation he overcame his unconfidence with new things and new environments and caused me to prove and improve my leadership on a daily basis. He was a phenomenal horse with fantastic movement – which had its own challenges; he was certainly great for improving my independent seat!

I achieved Level 4 in the Parelli Programme with Bertie and he accompanied me to many demos and presentations across the UK – the largest being at the NEC in Birmingham. I feel very lucky to have owned him.